The Performing Arts hold an important place at Mahtomedi Schools. Our students have the opportunities to learn and grow with

self confidence, public speaking, artistic expression, self identification, and so much more.

From their first day at Wildwood to their last day in High School, students can benefit from the beauty that is performance.

Even if they aren't comfortable having their face seen on stage!


On this website, you will find access to information about each of our programs, as well as our upcoming events.

Join us in the Chautauqua (and a few other venues) this season for some great student performances of all kinds!


All Performances are in the Chautauqua Fine Arts Center located on the High School campus unless stated otherwise.


Plays, Musicals, Band & Choir Concerts,

all performed by the students of Mahtomedi


Please check out some of our past performances