Chautauqua Fine Arts Center

Christopher Boone:

Ed Boone:

Judy Boone:

Mrs. Eileen Shears/ and 5 other roles:

Mr. Roger Shear/ and 5 other roles:


Mrs. Alexander/ and 2 other roles:

Reverend Peters/ and 5 other roles:

Mr. Thompson/and 7 other roles:

Number 40/and 4 other roles:

Luke Wisniewski

Jay Kray

Faith Christensen

Elizabeth MacChesney

Ari Carbajal

Hannah Rose Bruentrup

Isabella Fontaine

Leif Duea

Cicely Evans

Lizzy Novack

Props we are looking to borrow:

  • A battery operated train set
  • A small animal cage (SMALL)
Cast & Crew Calendar